Advisory Board

The Advisory Board directs the local diversity council and is composed of officers and committee chairpersons. All advisory board members are staunch supporters of diversity and actively engaged in carrying out the mission of the Indiana Diversity Council.

Officer Positions

Vice President


Activities & Events

Diversity Council Advisory Boards


What does it mean to serve on our local chapter Advisory Board?

If you are passionate about diversity and inclusion, are ready to accomplish goals and bring new ideas to the table, then you are ready to be an Advisory Board representative. Advisory Board representatives must be champions of diversity and inclusion within their communities and organizations. By signing up to serve as a local Advisory Board representative, you pledge to assist your local chapter in advancing diversity and inclusion by transforming our workplaces and communities into inclusive environments where individuals are valued for their talents and empowered to reach their fullest potential. The Advisory Board works closely with the Indiana Diversity Council staff to create and maintain strong events, meetings, and programs that cater to our partners’ diversity and inclusion needs, and encourage continued participation and engagement.

As an Advisory Board representative, not only will you represent your organization during Indiana Diversity Council meetings and events, but you will also represent the Indiana Diversity Council during meetings you hold internally in your own organization and externally within the local community. In addition, you will be expected to work with fellow Advisory Board members to achieve the goals identified for your position or committee, as well as contribute thoughts and ideas throughout the year. Overall, the Advisory Board within each local chapter serves as the grass roots foundation of the Indiana Diversity Council.

We look forward to working with you!